Rust 5.0.0b14

Created 11/24/14 2:43 PM MT
Currently does not seem to run at all on the dev/latest beta branch. Client window opens, shows "Running self check", and closes in about half a second.

Tried it on the dev/debug beta branch. Huge pic of a teddy bear, says "Game file missing", "Verify game installation". Behind the pic it says "Bootstrapping". Then it closes after about a second or two.

  • sandstorm textures / sounds / script / prefab
  • Organized the monument assets in a somewhat future-proof fashion
  • Added DisableMaterialImport asset processor
  • Fixed my scale issue, it was my error from this morning. Pivot error was throwing the scale out ingame
  • Lighthouse fixing, scale and uv issues still to fix.
  • Update[...]

Rust win / 1159 / 0dev / 11/21/14 build

Created 11/22/14 9:55 PM MT
  • Crafting items gets stuck for a few minutes most of the time. Eventually it does end up in your inventory and allows you to move on.
  • Locking a code lock while the door is open causes the lock to get stuck in midair when you close the door. It also blocks you physically (why does a code lock even have a collider?). To fix, unlock the lock and close the door, then relock it.
  • Framerates have intermittent drops, but seem to be generally acceptable. I've been getting 20-30 FPS, which I consider passable for a Unity 5 game.
  • Other people seem to jump around the map a lot.
  • Sometimes trees disappear until you relog. Other times trees appear then they aren't really there until you relog.
  • Everything seems to cook slowe[...]

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